Hayley | Happy Birthday Sis

Today my sister turns 23.

Hayley and I could not be more opposite in almost every possible way. She's quiet, I'm loud. She is a thinker, I'm a reactor. She loves pink and glitter, I own 14 different black shirts and dresses.

Even though we're extremely different, we certainly share the same level of fierceness and passion, even if it's expressed in our own unique way. In fact, she inspires most of said passion.

This little one may be eight years younger than I am, but she is my constant inspiration. I am regularly moved by how she navigates through this world with such care and thoughtful words. As someone who tends to react first and think later, I look to Hayley for a humble reminder to choose "pause" as a first step. 

My sister teaches me how to overcome obstacles, to fight (HARD), and to never give up on my dreams. Give me the name of someone with a strong work ethic and I guarantee you Hayley's is stronger. (This one I would bet my life on.)

But mostly, I'm inspired by how she loves. She loves without abandon and with such sacrifice. And that is the most important life lesson she has unintentionally taught me in the 23 years I've known her.

Happy Birthday, sister. I am your biggest fan. 

Lauren White