meet lauren

Lauren of Lauren Alisse Photography


I photographed my first wedding on NYE 2008 and my passion for wedding photography has only grown since.


I love to travel. I've been to 15 countries and 28 states. 


My middle name is Alisse and it’s pronounced like "Elyse", but with an "A" sound in the beginning.


Before I became a photographer, I was an event planner for 5 years, which means I can offer a little extra help with wedding details.  


The beach is cool and all, but Pine and Redwood Trees give me life.


I'm obsessed with quality, light roast, craft 

the experience

I fell in love with photography in a high school film photography and darkroom class and have translated that early training in to my digital photography, which is why I consider myself a  "film-like photographer". I'm so drawn to natural, airy, light images that aren't over processed or photoshopped. 

I take a photojournalistic style meets editorial shoot approach to my photo sessions; meaning, I can help you pose to get stunning shots, but then I love to give you time to just hang out while I capture the spirit of who you are.

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