Deciding what to wear in your family, portrait, or engagement photos can be stressful. Here are a couple tips to guide you in your outfit selection. The most important thing to remember it to be comfortable, classic, and timeless!


COORDINATE COLORS, BUT AVOID BEING MATCHY-MATCHYGoodbye matching jeans and awkwardly-fitting long-sleeve button down shirts! Instead of matching exactly, pick a color scheme and mix and match patterns and colors.

LAYER! Layering sweaters, light jackets for men, scarves, socks with boots, cardigans over dresses, vests, etc. is a great way to add texture and dimension to photos – not to mention it will give you a really “styled” look. Bonus, if you pick layers that look good on or off, you can change your outfit simply be removing a sweater/jacket and throwing on a new necklace.  

SPEAKING OF NECKLACES...Don’t forget accessories! Watches, jewelry, hats, and scarves are simple pieces to add that will really make your photos look more polished, stylized, and professional. 

 WHAT’S ON YOUR WALL? Is your home filled with bright colors or more neutral tones? More than likely, at least one of the photos from our shoot is going to end up printed and framed in your home, right? Might as well make sure it matches with your home décor!

PRINT. Are these photos not just for home décor, but for a special occasion – maybe your Save the Dates or your wedding or Christmas cards? Think about what you want that final printed piece to look like and match your outfits to the card/event/wedding/print style.

LEAVE LOGOS AT HOME. You may love Disney Characters or a favorite brand, but your professional photos should be timeless and classic. Stick with solids and some patters and leave the character and logo shirts at home and for the iPhone photos… they are often distracting to the image. These photos are about YOU, not Mickey.

THREE COLORS TO AVOID. 1) All black (if in an area with a lot of greenery). 2) Bright/true green. 3) And Neon. Black fabrics pick-up the hue of the colors around you (ever noticed that green tint to your shirt when you’ve been photographed under a big green tree?). People with lighter skin tones have a hard time rocking green clothing, because lighter skin picks up the green hues and people end up looking…well…kind of sickly. Neons do the same thing. That bright pink top will cast a pink glow across your face. 

DON'T FEAR PATTERNS. In fact, mix, match, and embrace them. See below for ideas on how to coordinate florals with plaid, stripes with polka-dots, and more!

Below are some of my favorite outfits from past shoots with families and engaged couples. Notice the bracelets, necklaces, bows, sweaters, scarves, jackets, and sweet little details in all these outfits! Also note that many couple opt to get glammed up for their engagement session, because well...it's fun!